Software Sales Engineer

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The Software Sales Engineer will partner with the Sales Team to uncover and understand customer requirements and to propose solutions that leverage ID.me's platform. Daily activities include hosting product demonstrations for potential ID.me customers, understanding customer requirements, demonstrating ID.me as a solution for customer needs, collaborating with product management on product development and articulating customer solutions to the Customer Success team when prospects become customers.
Experience with online sales support, communication skills and technical fluency are important factors in our hiring decision. Our ideal associate is competitive, a fast learner and able to think quickly on the fly. Competence with PowerPoint, financial modeling and Google Analytics is a major plus. Additional areas of responsibility include: sales support, ongoing training for the sales team and maintenance of the ID.me demonstration environment.
As part of our team you'll:
Be the go-to member of our team for product demonstrations
Educate partners on the power of identity verification and affinity marketing
Be capable of prioritizing opportunities to yield the highest revenue yield for the company
Develop familiarity with merchants' business, including but not limited to: products and/or services, consumer demographics, consumer ratings, points of competitive differentiation, merchant economic models and revenue and profit drivers
Understand and apply concepts of deal

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